Work wellness packages

Wellbeing workshops and away day packages tailored to the specific needs of your company or staff

If you’re looking for ways of rewarding your staff and keeping them engaged with office wellbeing activities, then our office classes are just what you’ve been looking for. Our Office Yoga sessions are a perfect way to improve health, relieve tension, recharge batteries and boost employee morale, whether it’s at company wellbeing days or as part of corporate wellness programs.


Yoga in the work place can offer some light relief and a team-building opportunity in the working week. 


Package modules :

  • Fun, energising yoga session for general health and well being

  • Partner yoga for team building

  • How to breathe for stress resilience - seated exercises you can take back to the office and everyday situations

  • Mobility in the work place - restorative poses, seated and wall modified stretches

  • Mindfulness, yoga nidra and relaxation

A package can be created including a selection of modules or a full or half day may include all modules. 

Price on application depending on length of workshop and number of attendees.

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