Teacher Training

Sprite Yoga offers courses specifically designed to prepare you to teach yoga to Primary aged and Secondary to Post 16 aged children.

All courses are taught by Tamsin Dyke, who is an accredited trainer for Yoga Alliance Professionals with over 20 years experience working in education and 10 years working through yoga with young people aged 3 to Post 16.

Short introductory 2 hour CPD sessions are available for staff at Primary and Secondary level. These are currently available on line with practical participatory sessions via zoom.

Longer in-depth trainings are fully accredited as 60 hour vocational trainings by Yoga Alliance Professionals. If you are a qualified yoga teacher or a professional working in an educational establishment on completion of the course you will be eligible to become a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Why Teach Yoga to Young People?

The physical practice of yoga encourages young people to be physically active, more coordinated and bodily aware and to be able to relax. Yoga and mindfulness also have the capacity to enhance concentration in the classroom, increase academic performance, deepen trusting relationships, reduce stress and create greater harmony in a class or school as a whole.


We very much hope that a yoga teacher training course with Sprite Yoga will give you the confidence and inspiration to teach yoga in school or to a group of young people and to share the many benefits that yoga can offer. Introducing young people to the idea of a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing is so rewarding. As yoga teachers we can inform choices that may well last a lifetime.

Short Courses


NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE - CPD Courses are an ideal way to help give you the confidence to introduce the young people in your school to the benefits of yoga. Yoga is an activity accessible to all and in these post-covid times is an ideal way to promote wellbeing in your school.


CPD Training Course for Primary School Teachers


CPD Training for Key Stage 1 and 2 Teachers

This two hour course is an ideal introduction to discovering how you can bring yoga to the children you work with and is eligible for Sport Premium funding. You will not however be a qualified to teach yoga outside of your school setting on completion of this introductory course.

The yoga activities are specifically designed to aid physical, mental and emotional development in Key Stage 1 and 2. During this course we will cover:

  • How to structure 30 minute yoga class

  • How to introduce mindfulness

  • How to teach breathing exercises

  • How to teach yoga postures

  • Building body awareness, self-esteem and confidence through yoga

  • Using visualisations and imagery to engage children

  • Partner work with children

  • How to use games, props, music and stories in a yoga class

Contact spriteyoga@gmail.com to book a session for your staff

CPD Training Course for Secondary School Teachers



CPD Training for Key Stage 3 and 4 Teachers

This two hour CPD course is an ideal way to help you to introduce the young people in your school to the benefits of yoga. Dare I say it - yoga is a fashionable way to take care of yourself these days, with celebrity yogis adding appeal to young people. Yoga is a fitness activity accessible to all and starting young can influence healthy lifestyle choices.

The course aims to:

•    Provide teachers with a way to get inactive girls more involved in PE

•    Promote more variety on offer as PE/ after school activity

•    Equip teachers with real skills and resources to deliver age appropriate yoga 

•    Offer warm up and cool down ideas for other sports and activities and ways to implement yoga skills within more general PE lessons – i.e. a mat option activity

•    Explore relaxation, breathing and stress relieving tools

•    Encourage a holistic health approach

•    Introduce mindfulness through yoga 

•    Build body awareness, self-esteem and confidence through yoga

•    Explore partner and group based yoga activities 

You will not however be a qualified to teach yoga outside of your school setting on completion of this introductory course.

Contact spriteyoga@gmail.com to book a session for your staff


Longer Trainings

Who are the 60 hr accredited courses for?

School Teachers

School teachers with a personal interest in yoga who would like to lead yoga and mindfulness activities to enhance their class teaching and PE programmes.

Yoga Teachers

Yoga teachers ((qualified 200hrs) wanting to develop their teaching skills to be able to offer yoga to young people in or out of a school setting.


Students should normally have a professional qualification to work with children or be qualified yoga teachers. All students should have a regular yoga practice, and should have attended at least a weekly class for a minimum of a year prior to the course start.

Our courses are secular and non-dogmatic. Trainees will learn:

  • the benefits of yoga for children and young people

  • how to design and develop lesson plans and schemes of work appropriate for the age group you are teaching

  • how to teach yoga breathing, yoga postures, yoga games and group work, partner yoga, mindfulness and relaxation exercises to young people

  • how to teach yoga classes to enhance concentration, build self-esteem, increase body awareness, deal with stress and anxiety 

  • a basic understanding of anatomical, mental and psychological development of the young person

  • how to promote a holistic approach to wellness in young people 

Course Content

Breakdown of Course Hours

  • 40 hours course contact time

  • 8 hours personal reading

  • 8 hours planning

  • 4 hours evaluation assignment                      

Course Materials and Reading List

Trainees will be provided with a full manual for each course, which will match the course content covered. The Teach Yoga in Schools course reading list can be seen here. Students are expected to purchase the required books themselves.


Our 5 day courses are designed with a strong focus on enabling school teachers to provide yoga and mindfulness in school as part of PE, as an enrichment activity or as short classroom breaks. Schools are encouraged to fund their teaching staff for the benefit of the whole school’s health and wellbeing.


For UK primary school teachers, Pupil Premium and Sports Funds are most often used. We can invoice schools directly, or students can pay their course fee and arrange reimbursement from their school finance office.

Those working outside of educational establishments, or on a freelance basis, may need to self fund.  However, the course fee is in many cases fully tax deductible and can be offset against future earnings.

On booking a course you will be invoiced in full by email. If you would like your school to receive the invoice directly please indicate on the booking form and give full details.

If you would like to discuss payment arrangements, please indicate at the time of booking.

Terms and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions for our Teach Yoga in Schools Courses can be found here.


Key Stage 2 Teacher, Horsham

I learnt how yoga can benefit young people in terms of self-awareness, being calm and ‘in the moment.’                  


Key Stage 1 Teacher, Newhaven

I really enjoyed the practical sessions and the pair work ideas were great.


Secondary Teacher, Brighton

discovered easy ways to implement yoga with my students.